Our Mission

We are committed to our community!

Did you know that 20% of every order you place goes directly to local wildlife preservation charities?

LATEST MISSION: Bird Box Placement (July 2020)

We will be looking for partnerships with local wildlife refuges / state parks / property owners to place our custom built bird boxes on their property to help protect the birds from the elements and predators during the crucial nesting period.

To get involved: contact@driftwoodco.com

We are going to pick our locations, set up donation goals, and let you donate proceeds of orders directly to the bird box of your choice. The idea is to build them in house at bare materials cost to be able to complete and install as many boxes as we can.

All of the locations and details will be tracked and updated here.

-Status Update (6/14/20)-

Pre Planning & Design:

Rough Sketches 

rough sketch bird box

Next Step:

Build A Working Model & Find Exact Cost.

Coming Soon..


Past Mission: SAVE CRAB BANK

(It was a success! A lot of effort from several organizations went into making this a reality. The timeline from army corps for the actual restoration is not known at this time but could be as early as 2021.)

Follow the story:


Thanks to everyone who supported!

OVER $1,000,000 RAISED SO FAR (12/28/18)